We, the Urbanet Group, are committed to sustainability management based on our corporate philosophy: “We aim to realize a prosperous and healthy society by proposing safe and comfortable lifestyles for people.


Sustainability Basic Policy

The Urbanet Group’s corporate philosophy is
“We aim to realize a prosperous and healthy society by proposing safe and comfortable lifestyles for people.
Under this corporate philosophy, the Urbanet Group aims to achieve sustainable growth
by conducting profitable business activities through sustainability management.
In order to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society,
The Urbanet Group has established the following basic policies and aims to enhance its corporate value.


Commitment to
Sustainability through Business

Through our business activities, we will address social issues such as the environment, poverty, and social contribution activities such as cultural and artistic activities.

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Strengthening Relationships
 with Stakeholders

Through two-way communication with all stakeholders, including customers, business partners, shareholders, investors, employees, and local communities, we will strengthen our relationships with them, create value that is unique to our company through our business activities, and work to realize a sustainable society.

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Establishment of trust from society

We will develop and provide ideal homes while adhering to compliance. And we will conduct management that earns a high level of trust from society by strengthening our management base and contributing to sustainable economic development.

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Sustainability Initiatives

The Urbanet Group is committed to sustainability, and as part of this commitment,
The Urbanet Group is focusing on four activities related to the SDGs.


Developing the Ideal Home

Priority Issue 1

The Urbanet Group contributes to sustainable economic development by developing and providing safe and comfortable housing through the skills and know-how accumulated over many years in the business of developing and selling studio apartments in central Tokyo.

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Commitment to Art and Artistic Activities

Priority Issue 2

The Urbanet Group contributes to the realization of a prosperous and healthy society by discovering, supporting, and nurturing young artists who are dedicated to their studies.

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Environmental and Other Initiatives

Priority Issue 3

In January 2020, the Urbanet Group formulated the “Urbanet Disaster Prevention Program” and incorporated designs and facilities for future large typhoons in the condominiums it develops. We will continue to address social issues such as the environment and poverty while contributing to the creation of towns where everyone can continue to live safely and comfortably.

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Creating an Attractive Workplace

Priority Issue 4

The Urbanet Group strives to create a comfortable work environment, promote employee health, and educate human resources. Through the creation of attractive workplaces, we will nurture talented human resources and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

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