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The Urbanet Group is creating safe and comfortable cities.

Atsushi Tanaka,
President and Representative Director
Shinji Hattori,
Chairman, Representative Director and CEO

Urbanet Corporation was established in 1997 with the management philosophy of “proposing safe and comfortable lifestyles for people and aiming to realize a prosperous and healthy society” as its main business of architectural design and real estate sales and brokerage. As a condominium developer that started out as a design office, we are committed to “manufacturing” that combines functionality and efficiency (=civilization) with design and artistry (=culture), and to development locations in areas with high rental demand, mainly in Tokyo, and within a 10-minute walk from stations. Our main business is the development and sale of studio apartments (exclusive wholesale: B to B), a unique real estate development and sales business.

In 2015, we established Urbanet Living to handle business for end-users (B to C), including unit sales and rental business, and are promoting the holding of income-producing properties to expand stock-type business. In recent years, in the real estate development and sales business, we have been focusing on securing sales channels not only to condominium sales companies, our traditional wholesalers, but also to investors, funds, and REITs in Japan and overseas, We are working to diversify our business.

In July 2022, we celebrateted the 25th anniversary of our founding, and on September 28 of the same year, we launched a new management structure with Shinji Hattori, our founder, as Chairman, Representative Director and CEO, and Atsushi Tanaka as President and Representative Director.
This is the establishment of a management foundation for the next generation, with the aim of making the Urbanet Group a company that will continue to grow permanently for the next 50 to 100 years. Going forward, the Urbanet Group will continue to do its utmost to offer new proposals and contribute to the “way of life” in Japan, with the goal of achieving sustainable growth and returning profits to our shareholders.

Mar. 2023

Corporate Philosophy

Urbanet Corporation aims to realize a prosperous and healthy society by proposing safe and comfortable “life” for people.

Management Guidelines

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We are a bridge between companies and businesses, between people and people, between information and information, and between the present and the future.
We act proactively, imagining success without fear of failure.
We approach our work with precision and speed, always improving ourselves to achieve the best possible results.
We make every effort to pursue an aesthetic and sophisticated “ideal house” with innovative ideas.
We treat others with sincerity and humility, communicate well, and build firm relationships of trust.